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JUNE 22, 2024



Discover Your Path to Biblical Manhood

Join us for this year’s KC BetterMan event to explore God’s design for manhood through our engaging teachers: Dr. Chris Harper, Pastor Tim Dunn, Pastor Kyle Turner, and Pastor Ernest Grant. You’ll connect with other like-minded men and gain practical insights for personal growth and better relationships. 
After the sessions, we’ll gather at the Graceway ballfields for an amazing barbeque lunch from Arthur Bryant’s and outdoor games. It’s a perfect opportunity to unwind, have fun, and build community. Register now to secure your spot!

You’re a man.
But what does that really mean?

  • Gain insights into the man God called you to be
  • Improve your relationships with family & friends
  • Create the purposeful life you crave

Culture tells us real men make a lot of money and have it all together. But you know it’s not that easy. BetterMan is about activating a better masculinity – the true and timeless masculinity God designed from the beginning in Genesis.

Build Authentic Community

At BetterMan, we understand the importance of genuine connections and support. That’s why our Small Groups consist of a select group of like-minded men who come together to encourage, uplift, and challenge each other. Led by two experienced mentors, each group comprises approximately six other men who share a common desire to grow in their faith and embrace biblical manhood.
Chris Harper

Chris Harper

CEO of BetterMan

Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn

Lead Pastor of Graceway

Kyle Turner

Kyle Turner

Lead Pastor of Kingdom City

Ernest Grant II

Ernest Grant II

Lead Pastor at Accelerate Church